How to increase organic traffic with Google Web Stories 2023

For any organization, increasing website traffic is crucial. The quantity of visitors to your website is known as traffic.

You may also be aware of the fact that there are two methods for achieving this: organic traffic and bought traffic.

They specifically come with the aim to seek for your goods or services. This frequently appears using SEO on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Even paid Google Ads may be used to send traffic to this.

Increased website traffic leads to higher income creation. A great SEO strategy, constant execution, and persistence are necessary to achieve this.

How to get more organic visitors to your website:

To enhance organic traffic, you need a solid SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plan. Here are some fundamental guidelines for increasing the organic website traffic:

  1. Creating blogs and articles with strong SEO
  2. Engaging in alliances and influencer relationships
  3. Publishing short and interactive video content Interacting with social media profiles of your prospective customers
  4. answering questions on the People Also Ask page of Google

What are Google Web Stories?

Web Stories are vertically formatted collections of immersive pictures and videos. They resemble Facebook or Instagram stories. Depending on the user’s browsing intent, they show up on Google Discover and Google Search Engine. They were referred to as AMP tales. Recently, Google changed the name of AMP stories to Web Stories.

What makes Google Web Stories useful?

Online businesses desire to increase natural website traffic. Adopting the practice of posting tales online is one method. A Web Story, unlike an Instagram post, may be hosted on your own website, allowing you full control over it.

There are no limitations on call-to-action types, availability, inventiveness, engagement, or availability. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology is used in online stories. They can load quickly because of this.

This keeps readers interested in your material. On Google, you may navigate through tap pable information called “Web Stories” It also has the benefit of not being time-bound! It won’t vanish in a day. If you so wish or if your website does not allow it, you can remove the story from publication.

How to increase organic traffic with Google Web Stories?

You might be curious about where and how Web Stories emerge. They could show up on Google Images, Google Discover, or the Google Search Engine.

By alone, this reaches a far larger audience. Particularly those using social media to locate your goods or service.

Web Stories should be a component of your SEO strategy as a marketer since they may improve your online presence and authority. Read on to discover the guidelines to stick to so that Google will rank your content highly.

9 Ways to increase organic traffic to your website.

  1. Put your attention on good content
  2. Combining SEO tactics
  3. The key is concise material!
  4. Visuals designed for mobile
  5. Branded
  6. Put backlinking first
  7. Valid AMP Code must be used.
  8. Web Stories have their own landing page.
  9. Send Google an XML sitemap of your web articles.

1. Put your attention on good content

You could have a sizable social media following. Put your attention on high-quality material. It’s possible that you post regularly. You will lose users if the stuff you provide does not appeal to them. So make the content your first focus. It may be the language, image quality, video, or design layout. Make sure to focus on producing engaging Web Stories.

2.Combining SEO tactics

Combining your web story with the required SEO keywords is part of the merge SEO strategy. The core SEO term must appear in your meta title, meta description, and photos and videos. Each topic has its own set of SEO keywords.

This will be important for your web story’s ranking on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Limit the length of your meta description and title to 280 and 90 characters, respectively.

3.The key is concise material!

The key is concise material! – Because people’s attention spans have become shorter, they receive material through tales. Therefore, keeping your material brief will ensure that people can easily understand it. Keep in mind that each tale is only 15 seconds long.

4. Visuals designed for mobile

Visuals that are designed for mobile use: Verify that the proportions of your story fit the vertical format. They must be “640 x 853” pixels and have a 3:4 aspect ratio. Make sure your movies and photos include Alt Tagging and Alt Text. For indexing and ranking on search engines, these are essential.


Branding: Keep your brand’s identity strong. Use the online story editor on Make Stories to incorporate your company’s logo, colors, and fonts.

6. Put backlinking first

Put your attention on backlink and provide alluring CTAs in your tale. If you’re running an ad, include pertinent URLs that point users back to your website. Your homepage or any relevant category pages should link to your Web Stories we have free tool here to check backlink by Forbes tech click here.

7. Valid AMP Code must be used.

A valid AMP code is required. A proper AMP code must be added in order for your Web Stories to rank on Google. Find out here how to integrate AMP code to your web story.

8. Web Stories have their own landing page.

a landing page just for all of your web stories. Do not include your tale in blogs or publications. The loading time can be hampered by this. 

Create a landing page on your website where all of your tales may be found, each with its own URL. You have the choice to put your online tales on Make Stories’ platform. If you don’t have a website, this is fantastic.

9. Send Google an XML sitemap of your web articles.

Send Google an XML sitemap of your web articles. Make sure to include an XML sitemap with all the newly generated URLs. This should be submitted to Google Search Console. 

You can adhere to some straightforward instructions. Register for a Google Search Console account first. Go to Index, then Sitemaps, then choose your website, then add a new sitemap, and finally submit!

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