Xander Schaufele describes his round as a great start to a major tournament, emphasizing it's just the first day.

By Arforbes

He acknowledges  

that he's likely playing some of the best golf of his career, with moments of exceptional control over his game.

Schaufele credits 

 his increased distance off the tee as a significant advantage on the golf course this year.

He approaches 

 the mental aspect of the game by balancing between wiping the slate clean for the next day and building on his current performance.

When asked about  

his 62, Schaufele shows humility, stating he'd take that score any day in a major.

 Reflecting on his round, he highlights a challenging shot on the 12th hole that he successfully navigated, making a crucial putt early on.

Schaufele discusses resilience in the face of not winning, expressing how it fuels his desire to work harder towards success.

He remains content with his performance despite acknowledging areas for improvement, emphasizing his focus on the present rather than dwelling on missed opportunities during the round.