A single JPEG sparked a surge in GameStop's stock price, increasing by over 70% on Monday.

By Arforbes

Keith Gill, known 

 as Roaring Kitty, posted an illustration on Sunday, reviving enthusiasm among amateur investors reminiscent of the WallStreetBets craze.

Gill's reappearance 

 suggests a resurgence in meme stock frenzy, with small-scale investors pushing the market unpredictably.

GameStop's shares 

 briefly surpassed $36, its highest since August 2022, topping Google and X's trends list.

Gill gained fame 

 for advocating GameStop shares on YouTube and Wall Street Bets, contrasting with Wall Street's skepticism.

A sprawling online community rallied around Gill's thesis, driving GameStop's price to unprecedented heights and punishing hedge funds.

 The GameStop 

 saga demonstrated the significant impact of coordinated retail investors on the stock market.

Despite GameStop's  

poor performance, its stock resurgence amid a broader spike in meme stock activity reflects speculative trading during times of economic strength, with debates ongoing about the success of the collective mission against Wall Street.