Bruins GM Don Sweeney discussed various topics, including Brad Marchand's health and the team's performance, ahead of Game 5 against the Panthers.

By Arforbes

Disputed tying  

goal helps Panthers beat Bruins 3-2 and take 3-1 lead in East semifinal serie

 Marchand is still 

 day-to-day, and Sweeney emphasized the importance of supporting him.

Sweeney refrained 

 from criticizing officiating decisions but called for transparency and accountability from officials.

Sweeney highlighted  

the need for officials to be available for media questioning regarding crucial calls.

The lack of discipline for Sam Bennett's hit on Marchand prompted Sweeney to call for clarity from the Department of Player Safety.

Despite a 3-1 series 

 deficit, Sweeney expressed confidence in the team's ability to rebound and focus on one game at a time.

The Bruins aim to  

improve their offensive execution and generate more quality scoring chances.