Sam Bennett has emerged as the primary antagonist for Boston Bruins fans in the Panthers-Bruins playoff series despite only playing two games.

By Arforbes

Bennett's actions, 

 particularly in Game 4, have fueled animosity among Bruins supporters.

In Game 3,  

Bennett's heavy hit on Brad Marchand sparked controversy, leading to Marchand's absence from Game 4 due to an upper-body injury.

Speculation suggests  

Marchand may have suffered a concussion from the hit, supported by replays showing Bennett possibly punching Marchand's head during the collision.

 Marchand's departure 

 from Game 3 and subsequent absence in Game 4 intensified scrutiny on Bennett's actions.

The hit and its aftermath have heightened tensions between the two teams and their respective fan bases.

Bennett's role  

as a central figure in the series narrative underscores the intensity and physicality of playoff hockey.

 The incident adds  

another layer of drama and intrigue to an already contentious playoff matchup between the Bruins and Panthers.