Phil Hay suggests Daniel Farke may have been "bluffing" about Patrick Bamford's injury ahead of Leeds United's playoff clash with Norwich.

By Arforbes

Bamford was ruled 

 out of the semi-final due to a patella tendon issue, initially described as a bruise and not serious.

 Hay, speaking on 

 the Square Ball podcast, considers Farke's handling of the situation "weird."

There's uncertainty 

 about whether Farke was genuinely unaware of the seriousness of Bamford's injury or if it was strategic.

Bamford's absence  

in the first leg left Leeds lacking offensive threat, highlighting his importance to the team.

Despite Bamford's flaws, his presence creates uncertainty for opposing defenders and benefits his teammates.

 Bamford's potential  

return for the second leg at Elland Road would significantly boost Leeds' chances and excite the fans.

The situation adds intrigue to the playoff clash between Leeds and Norwich, with questions surrounding Bamford's fitness and Farke's intentions.