Kelly Clarkson addressed speculation about her weight loss during an interview on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" with Whoopi Goldberg, who also discussed her own weight loss journey.

By Arforbes

Goldberg revealed 

she's taking the drug Mounjaro for weight loss, while Clarkson clarified that her weight loss wasn't due to Ozempic, a popular weight loss medication.

Clarkson described her 

medication as aiding in breaking down sugar due to her body's inability to do so properly, despite initial concerns about taking it.

At her heaviest,  

Clarkson weighed 203 pounds and didn't recognize herself while watching a taped show, prompting her to take action.

Despite being happy,  

Clarkson admitted she didn't realize the extent of her weight gain until she saw herself on screen, highlighting the gradual nature of weight changes.

 Clarkson's manager, who has known her for over 15 years, also expressed surprise at her transformation, emphasizing the gradual nature of weight changes.

Clarkson previously  

disclosed being diagnosed as pre-diabetic and credited a combination of dietary changes and increased activity for her weight loss.

She emphasized the importance of listening to her doctor and maintaining a healthy diet, including proteins, and staying active, particularly through walking in the city.