A judge ruled that Brian Wilson, co-founder of the Beach Boys, should be placed under a conservatorship due to a "major neurocognitive disorder," following the death of his wife who managed his affairs. 

By Arforbes

The judge appointed 

two longtime Wilson representatives, publicist Jean Sievers and manager LeeAnn Hard, as his conservators.

Wilson's children 

, particularly Carnie and Wendy Wilson from Wilson Phillips, requested to be included in medical decisions and communication regarding their father's well-being. The court granted their request. 

A doctor's declaration 

revealed that Wilson is suffering from a major neurocognitive disorder and dementia, requiring medication and assistance with daily tasks like health, food, clothing, and shelter. 

Wilson resides in 

Beverly Hills with his daughters and a long-term live-in caregiver in a well-maintained residence, and he expressed trust in the judgement of his appointed conservators.