Metro-North Railroad is launching weekend service on the Haverstraw-Ossining ferry for the first time, offering commuters in Orange and Rockland Counties alternative transportation options to New York City. 

By Arforbes

Monthly UniTickets for 

 ferries and buses crossing the Hudson River will see substantial discounts ranging from 50 to 90 percent, making commuting more affordable for residents of Orange and Rockland Counties. 

Metro-North will 

 reduce parking rates by 25 percent for Orange and Rockland residents using the North White Plains station garage, incentivizing the use of Metro-North services for commuting. 

The pilot program aims to 

 enhance accessibility to New York City for commuters from Orange and Rockland Counties, offering convenient and cost-effective travel options amid congestion pricing implementation. 

Starting May 25th, 

 the Haverstraw-Ossining ferry will operate continuously on weekends, expanding its service beyond traditional weekday rush hours to accommodate leisure travelers and day-trippers. 

Local officials and lawmakers welcome the initiative, citing its potential to boost tourism, economic growth, and transportation connectivity between communities on both sides of the Hudson River. 

State Senator Pete 

 Harckham and Assemblymembers Dana Levenberg and Ken Zebrowski express support for the program, highlighting its benefits for commuters and local economies. 

The pilot program is 

 expected to run through Veteran's Day, offering an extended period to assess its effectiveness in addressing commuter needs and promoting Metro-North services in Orange and Rockland Counties.