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Google Empowers Small Businesses: New Search Label Features 

Bridging Shoppers and Small Businesses 

Google unveils updates in Search, Maps, and Merchant Center to assist small businesses. Learn about the new features aimed at helping local merchants distinguish themselves and connect with holiday shoppers. 

Small Business" Tags in Search and Maps 

Google introduces "small business" designations in Search and Maps, offering shoppers an easy way to identify and support local businesses during the crucial shopping season.  

Empowering Businesses: Self-Identification on Google Platforms 

Explore how businesses can now self-identify as small enterprises on Google's Merchant Center and Business Profile platforms. Google will also automatically label businesses based on criteria like product quantity and web traffic.

AI-Generated Product Images for Small Businesses 

Google extends its AI-powered Product Studio tool to U.S. Merchant Center Next users and Shopify merchants. Merchants can effortlessly create high-quality product images using AI, enhancing their visual presence online.  

Imaginative Merchandising with AI Scenes 

Dive into the AI model that converts text into images, allowing merchants to envision and incorporate products into any scenario. See how Doppeltree produced social media visuals efficiently with the AI tools in Product Studio.

Trust-Building Business Information in Search 

Google enriches search results with additional business information, including promotions, shipping rules, and customer feedback. Enhance consumer trust by providing comprehensive details on your Merchant Center listings. 

Boosting Small Business Sales During the Holidays 

Understand the significance of the holiday season for small businesses and how these Google updates can contribute to increased sales. Learn why endorsing local businesses matters to consumers. 

Google's Response: Supporting Small Merchants 

Despite criticisms, Google addresses concerns by providing tools to support small merchants. Explore how these updates aim to balance the playing field and empower local businesses.

Maximizing Impact: Action Steps for Small Businesses 

Business owners, seize the opportunity! Familiarize yourself with the updates, leverage AI tools for a competitive edge, and ensure your Google Business Profile and Merchant Center details are accurate for maximum benefit.