Demi Moore described her experience in "The Substance" as very vulnerable, requiring sensitivity and open conversation.

By Arforbes

In the film, Moore plays a fading celebrity who uses a drug to create a younger version of herself, portrayed by Margaret Qualley.

 Nudity Scenes: Both Moore and Qualley have scenes featuring full-frontal nudity, integral to the story.

 Moore felt safe and comfortable with Qualley, attributing their successful collaboration to mutual trust. 

Humor: Despite the serious nature of the scenes, Moore and Qualley found humor in the absurdity of certain moments.

Character Disfigurement: Moore's character becomes disfigured as the film progresses, reminiscent of a character from "The Witches."

Prosthetic Experience: Seeing herself in prosthetics was strange for Moore, but her dog Pilaf’s recognition helped her stay grounded.

Public Appearances: Moore’s dog Pilaf has gained attention, recently appearing with her at the Gucci cruise collection runway show and Cannes.