The camera person's struggles during the game were a relief, sparing viewers from witnessing the extent of the Avalanche's poor performance.

By Arforbes

Drouin, returning to 

 the lineup, seamlessly filled Nichushkin's role and demonstrated consistent performance throughout the game.

The Avalanche's top players, MacKinnon, Rantanen, and Makar, are crucial for the team's success.

 In the first period, 

 a turnover by Makar led to a shorthanded goal by Wyatt Johnston, shifting momentum in favor of the Stars.

 Colorado's power 

 play struggled, being outshot and outscored by the Stars' penalty kill.

The lackluster performance of the leadership group, including the core players, set a tone of frustration and disinterest.

The absence of heart,  

pushback, and competitive spirit, particularly compared to previous seasons, was evident, leaving fans shocked by the team's lack of fight.

I’m not here to pass judgment on Nichushkin or his decisions but to comment on how it all played out so close to puck drop. That’s a tough spot to be in for those guys and now their season is on the precipice.