How can I rank higher on Google in 2023?

Updated Nov. 21. 2022. Let me show you exactly the best SEO strategy you can increase your higher on Google in 2023. In reality, it’s a process that I have used to get top ranking in Google for keywords checklist and “link building tools”.

How To Rank Higher On Google In 2023 (Updated 2023)

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Here is the Best new 7 steps strategy if you want to rank higher in Google in 2023.

  • Step #1: Enhance On-Site SEO
  • Step #2: Add LSI Keywords to Your Page 
  • Step #3:  Monitor Your Technical SEO 
  • Step #4: Finding even keywords to target 
  • Step #5: Publish Absurdly High-Quality Content 
  • Step #6: Build Backlinks to Your Site 
  • Step #7: Track and keep an eye on your results 

Step #1: Enhance On-Site SEO

The truth is this:
One of the SPEEDIEST ways to raise your Google ranks is through on-page SEO.
This is due to the fact that optimizing your page only takes two minutes. and begin to notice a rise in ranks within days.

How do you optimize your site for your target keywords, I hear you ask?
The majority of the information you need to know about on-page optimization is covered in a video I recently released.

But if you like to read, these are the most crucial on-page strategies you should start doing right away.

First, check to see that your term appears towards the start of your title tag.

“Frontloading” your keyword is what it is known as.
Why is this crucial?
Google does, however, give somewhat greater weight to keywords that appear early in your title tag. Additionally, they give less weight to keywords that come up later.
Google emphasizes keywords

For instance, “SEO copywriting” is my goal term here:

Writing SEO text, ArForbes

As you can see, that keyword appears at the beginning of my title tag.

Writing for SEO – Post title

Make your material AT LEAST 1800 words long, next.
The typical Google first page result has 1,447 words, according to our analysis of Google’s important ranking variables.

Longer content does, in fact, tend to rank better in search engines, as I can attest from personal experience.

For instance, “Mobile SEO” is one of the keywords we dominate. Additionally, this keyword is VERY competitive.

Big authority websites like Moz, Yoast, and even Google are my rivals.

Mobile SEO in Google SERP

Because of this, I made sure that my page included EVERYTHING a person could possibly want to know about optimizing their website for mobile devices.
In actuality, there are 4,330 words in my article.

Words in the content

Naturally, there are circumstances in which long-form content is inappropriate (like for an ecommerce category page). However, you ought to write lengthy material if you are able to.
Add your keyword on your page 2-3 times total.

Step #2: Add LSI Keywords to Your Page 

A sophisticated on-page SEO strategy is the use of LSI keywords.

And they’re now working FANTASTIC.

What exactly are LSI keywords, then?

They are terms and expressions associated with the subject of your page.

Here are some LSI keyword examples for the term “cold brew coffee,” for instance.

LSI keywords combine to provide Google with the topic information.
These LSI keywords demonstrate to Google that the subject of your content is genuinely covered.

Google will search for LSI keywords as well.
And it turns out that covering a whole subject on a single page is essential for appearing on Google’s first page.

single-page subject
How can LSI keywords be found and used on your website?

I advise using a free SEO instrument called  LSIGraph.


Step #3:  Monitor Your Technical SEO 

So many individuals prefer to concentrate on the content side of things when it comes to SEO, such as blog entries, Google My Business content, or obtaining backlinks to their website.

These are undoubtedly key components of SEO management, but technical SEO is another aspect that is equally significant.

Because technical SEO is less glamorous and more complicated to understand, it is frequently disregarded. Even though there are other technical SEO considerations, such as page load time and Favicons, I want to simplify it so that any business owner can track and carry out the following three actions.

Technical SEO is NOT a problem for 90% of the websites on the internet.

After that:

Although they are uncommon, technical SEO issues can seriously harm the SEO of your website.
Therefore, they merit your attention.
Here are three things to pay attention to in particular:
Verify again that your site is fully optimized for mobile devices as my initial piece of advice

It’s 2022. So you probably won’t have a problem with this.
But it doesn’t hurt to double-check.

Fortunately, it’s really simple to verify your site’s mobile optimization.
All you have to do is enter a URL from your website into Google’s tool for testing mobile friendliness.
  • Google’s test for mobile-friendly URLs
  • You are good to go if you only see green.
  • Mobile-friendly test by Google

Step #4: Finding even keywords to target 

Effective keyword research is becoming a more crucial talent for digital marketers nowadays. Smart content marketers employ keyword research to choose what themes to write about and the phrases to use when writing in addition to knowing how to create a decent keyword list for PPC and SEO.

But because you’re reading this, it’s likely that you already understand how crucial keyword research is. You’re only here to discover possible improvements or more efficient methods.

There are several excellent, comprehensive keyword research resources available online (see here) 

Typically, they advise you to proceed as follows:
  1. Make a list of starter words as a seed.
  2. Using keyword research tools, grow your list
  3. Improve your list with market research

Why then do I add yet another article to the stack? 

Because I want to expose you to a system for classifying keywords that I created when I was in charge of Red Bricks Media’s sponsored search division. The summary is in the infographic below:

Finding Even Keywords To Target

Step #5: Publish Absurdly High-Quality Content

You’ve probably heard that “you need to create high-quality content” in order to rank in Google.

While this is true, putting it into practice is quite difficult.

what exactly is “high-quality content”?

So, yes, you DO want to provide amazing content on your website

But it must be the kind of excellent material that people link to and share on social media.
That’s because, as you may already be aware, a big portion of Google’s algorithm is reliant on backlinks.

And what is the greatest technique to get your website backlinks?
Publish something that will be linked to by others.

(Also referred to as “link bait”).

Here are a few strategies to improve your chances of getting links to your work.
Become a Source of  Data

Publish something that others may quote in their blog posts, to put it another way.
As an illustration, in 2019 we collaborated with Pitch box on this sizable email outreach research.

The higher you rank, the more backlinks your website has.

This piece was jam-packed with facts, numbers, and statistics. Which is the kind of content that journalists and bloggers adore linking to.

One of our results, for instance, was that fewer than 10% of outreach emails result in a response.

Disseminate Visual Content

I’m referring to things like:
  • Infographics
  • Maps 
  • Charts
  • Flowcharts
  • Videos
Using visual material to attract links is fantastic.

As an illustration, we just posted this infographic on our blog.

SEO infographic for on-page

Yes, spreading the word required a significant amount of email outreach.

However, when we presented our infographic to the appropriate individuals, they were delighted to incorporate it on their site.

Step #6: Build Backlinks to Your Site 

It’s nice to publish excellent stuff.

However, for your material to receive links, readers must actually view it.

With those words:

When it comes to content marketing, you can’t just “post and pray” and HOPE that links will come your way.

This is due to the fact that the amount of blog articles, videos, Instagram stories, and Facebook posts that are published every day dwarfs your content.

In fact, according to WordPress, 70 million new posts are published each month.

The lesson here is that you must actively market your content if you want people to connect to your website.

You may see here the nine link-building techniques that I’ve found to be most effective recently.

>>> seo link building for beginners in 2023

I suggest concentrating on these 3 methods instead:

Seo Link Building For Beginners In 2023

Then, look for dead links on any pages you come across.

locate dead links
When you do, send a customized version of this email script to the person in charge of that page (often the content creator or the website’s webmaster):

Hello, [First Name]

Your page has the following broken link: [title].

It is the [website] URL. It’s returning a 404 error to me.

Additionally, I just wrote a blog entry about [subject]. It may be an excellent substitute for the broken link.

Hope that was useful.

Guest Posting

The subject of guest posting is VERY contentious in the SEO community.
Guest posting: contentious subject
It’s possible for guest posting to be spammy.

In fact, Google expressly warns against using “keyword-rich” anchor text links in large-scale campaigns.

Anchor text links with plenty of keywords
So long as you a) don’t make guest posting your primary link-building tactic and b) don’t utilize anchor text that is packed with keywords, you’re good to go.

Here is an example of a guest article I wrote for the blog.
Post-quest SEMrush
This was posted on a website in my specialty (search engine optimization). So that’s a big “yes” there.

And I only published two guest blogs in all that month. That is not even close to “big scale” guest blogging.

Step #7: Track and keep an eye on your results

Your website should now begin to rank higher on Google than it did previously.

it is fantastic.

But how can you tell whether those rankings are actually helping you?


Without actively reviewing your rankings every hour,

how can you monitor your SEO results?

This stage is all about achieving that. I’m going to demonstrate how to track your outcomes like an expert in this stage.

“Organic Traffic” in Google Analytics

Rankings are wonderful and all that. However, organic traffic is the best indicator of the success of SEO marketing.

(Or, traffic that originates only from search engines.)

The primary reason for this is the fallibility of rankings.

In fact, a research of the market revealed that being ranked #1 in Google

“Clicks” and “Impressions” in Google Search Console

&Quot;Clicks&Quot; And &Quot;Impressions&Quot; In Google Search Console

This is a fantastic addition to the information on organic traffic from Google Analytics that we just discussed.

You can basically see how many visitors SAW your site from this data on the Search Console. 

How many of those visitors clicked over to your website?

Clicks overall versus impressions
The more Google users who view and click on your site, the better, as one might anticipate.

Sales and Leads

Or, to put it another way, does this increase in traffic genuinely improve financial results?

People frequently ignore this query. However, you need to know if all of these new visitors are becoming customers if you hope to see a significant return on your SEO investment.

There are several options for tracking this. But the Google Analytics Goals tool is my fave.

In fact, we utilize that data to identify the sites that are bringing in the most email subscribers on our site.


So I hope you appreciated my step-by-step instructions for improving your Google ranking.
I’d want to hear your thoughts now:

Which method from this manual will you use first?

Will you begin creating internal links?

Alternately, perhaps you wish to raise your organic CTR.

In either case, please let me know straight away by posting a comment below.

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