How to protect your AdSense account from illegal clicks.

If you are looking for a way to protect your AdSense account from illegal clicks on your Blogger blog, here is the AdSense Click Anti Bomb Script code, which protects your AdSense ads from illegal clicks on your Blogger blog.

Google AdSense publishers may be familiar with the term illegal clicks or invalid clicks. Clicking on AdSense ads by haters or out of ignorance has an impact and becomes a source of concern for the publisher regarding the security of his Google AdSense account.

How To Protect Your Adsense Account From Illegal Clicks.

What is the meaning of illegal clicks on AdSense ads?

Repeatedly clicking on AdSense ads is a bad practice that can harm the publisher (blog owner), and its purpose is to close your AdSense account.

Repeatedly clicking on ads using the same IP address is an activity prohibited by AdSense. As a result of violations of these policies, publishers can be subject to penalties up to and including a ban on AdSense accounts.

Factors causing illegal clicks on AdSense ads

Floating ads

Floating ads covering content (articles) are one of the factors that often lead to ad clicks. These clicks may be considered invalid or legitimate by AdSense.

User ignorance

The second reason is that blog visitors do not know about AdSense ads, and this is made worse by blogs that have too many ads. Visitors like this will find it difficult to differentiate between content and ads, so they just click and it turns into invalid clicks, or illegitimate clicks.

Clicking on AdSense ads by haters

Finally, illegal clicks on AdSense ads can occur because of those who are hateful towards you or your blog. The reasons can be many, including:

Visitors do not find the solution they are looking for

Someone who doesn’t love you

Envy (maybe)

You should expect the above 3 reasons for AdSense clicks and create a comfortable and friendly blog for your readers and visitors. However, there are many other reasons why you might click a bomb ad.

How does AdSense Click Anti Bomb Script work on Blogger?

This script avoids repeated ad clicks by a single user with the same IP address. This script can prevent clicking on an AdSense ad more than 3 times, or after 3 clicks on your ads, all ads from your site will disappear for the same person only, to avoid more illegal clicks.


The first step is to add the CSS code above the closing tag ]]></b:skin>, as shown in the image

Protect An Adsense Account From Invalid Clicks


Then add your code in the script above the </body> tag below the template codes

How To Protect An Adsense Account 2024

The link to the codes can be found here: AdSense Click Anti Bomb Script

Step 1: Add this code above one of the following codes
Step 2: Add this code above the tag
/* jquery is required */
var aksiAds = “disabled”; // disabled ads still appear but can’t be clicked, change it to (hidden) if you want ads to be hidden
var maxClick = 3; // maximum click
function ASSetCookie(a,b,c){var d=new Date;d.setDate(d.getDate()+c);var e=escape(b)+(0==c?”;path=/”:”; expires=”+d.toUTCString())+”;path=/”;document.cookie=a+”=”+e}function ASGetCookie(a){var b,c,d,e=document.cookie.split(“;”);for(b=0;b<e.length;b++)if(c=e[b].substr(0,e[b].indexOf(“=”)),d=e[b].substr(e[b].indexOf(“=”)+1),c=c.replace(/^s+|s+$/g,””),c==a)return unescape(d)}function ASSetCookieAds(a,b){var c=ASGetCookie(a);void 0!=c&&””!=c?(ASTheCookieInt=parseInt(c)+1,ASSetCookie(a,ASTheCookieInt.toString(),0)):ASSetCookie(a,”1″,b)}function ASMaxClick(a,b){var c=ASGetCookie(a);return void 0!=c&&parseInt(c)>=b?!0:!1}jQuery(document).ready(function(a){var b=”adsbygoogle”,c=7,d=maxClick,e=”.adsbygoogle”,f=!1;ASMaxClick(b,d)&&a(e).addClass(aksiAds).click(false),a(e).bind(“mouseover”,function(){f=!0}).bind(“mouseout”,function(){f=!1}),a(window).on(“beforeunload”,function(){f&&(ASMaxClick(b,d)?a(e).addClass(aksiAds).click(false):ASSetCookieAds(b,c))})});
Step 3
Add library
  If it is not present in your template
 <script src=’’/>

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