Google has revealed plans to expand generative AI in Google Search, making the technology available in more than 120 additional countries and territories.

In the past, the Search Generative Experience (Arforbes ) feature could only be accessed in the United States, India, and Japan.

Arforbes can now be accessed in various regions such as Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, and many more, thanks to this update.

Furthermore, the latest version of the software provides assistance in four additional languages, namely Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Indonesian. As a result, individuals who do not speak English now have enhanced accessibility to the benefits of generative AI technology.

Soon, Google intends to broaden its support to encompass a greater variety of languages.

New Interactive Upgrades Introduced

Google is not only expanding availability but also implementing interactive enhancements to make SGE more engaging and interactive.

A novel addition enables you to promptly ask further questions from search results, enabling a more in-depth investigation of subjects.

There will be a new feature that highlights unclear words in translated texts and gives you the option to choose their intended meaning. Initially available for English-Spanish translations within the United States, this improvement uses artificial intelligence to offer valuable context and minimize mistakes in understanding.

Additional features include definitions that are emphasized for specific fields such as medical and coding terminology. Users can easily access visual aids and explanations by hovering over these terms.

Could Generative AI become the future of Google Search?

The statements reveal Google’s ongoing commitment to developing artificial intelligence that can generate new information, recognizing its significance for the future of search.

Despite the continuous development of AI systems, there are still worries about their potential shortcomings such as inaccuracies, biases, and lack of transparency. Google needs to confront these issues directly in order to gain the trust of its users.

Currently, the expansion signifies a significant point in the progress of search engines as they move closer to having interactive conversations that resemble human-like interactions.

To enable Arforbes, enroll in Google’s Search Labs and select the experiment features you wish to have access to.


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