Two new capabilities have been released by Google AdSense to expedite and simplify site ownership verification.

These are the new features for site management.

Checks for site ownership in real-time: With the use of this tool, Google can instantly confirm that you are the owner of each new website you add to AdSense.

What Is Google'S Position? In A Statement, A Google Adsense Representative Said:

&Quot;We'Ve Made Some Improvements To Site Management To Make It Quicker And Easier To Verify Your Site Ownership And Check Your Ads.txt Status.&Quot;
Google AdSense adds new tools

New technique for site verification: With this new verification approach, you can add a meta tag to your homepage instead of utilizing the AdSense code snippet if you would like not to have advertising on it.
Why it matters to us. In the past, advertisers have faced difficulties in confirming the ownership of the site, which has resulted in lost time and possible financial consequences. With the help of these new technologies, you may avoid these needless delays and ensure a more efficient workflow.

Further advancements. Google AdSense revealed that, in order to better assist advertisers, it has also implemented several platform changes:

Enhancements to Ads.txt: The “Ads.txt” portion of Google AdSense now includes a “last crawled data and time” (e.g., 17 Aug 2003 16:21) that lets you know when the platform last reviewed your ads.txt file.

Check for updates: You may now ask AdSense to recheck your ads.txt file by using the “Check for updates” option on the platform.

What is Google’s position?

In a statement, a Google AdSense representative said:

“We’ve made some improvements to site management to make it quicker and easier to verify your site ownership and check your ads.txt status.”


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