Authorities in Cambria County, PA, are investigating the discovery of a human skull near the Little Conemaugh River in Conemaugh Township on Thursday night. According to the coroner’s office, a fisherman found the skull around 8 p.m.

Investigators are currently focusing on identifying the remains. Cambria County Coroner Jeff Lees stated that his office is collaborating with a forensic pathologist, a dentist, and an anthropologist to determine the identity of the skull.

  • Human Skull Found Near Little Conemaugh River: Investigation Begins
  • Fisherman Discovers Human Skull in Cambria County
  • Authorities Launch Investigation into Human Remains Discovery
  • Coroner’s Office Investigating Human Skull Found in Conemaugh Township
  • Focus on Identifying Human Remains Found Near Cambria County River
  • Cambria County Coroner Collaborates with Experts to Identify Skull
  • Forensic Pathologist, Dentist, and Anthropologist Engaged in Identification Process
  • More Details Awaited as Investigation Progresses on Human Skull Discovery
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